Mobile marketing and mobile banking – one is directed toward the consumer, while the other is geared for businesses. What do they both have in common? A number of things, actually.

For starters, going mobile is a versatile, creative method to improve a small business, and marketing has the potential to attract new customers. Banking may be capable of streamlining a venture's operations and improving efficiency.

Mobile devices are becoming commonplace, and nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of that technology, and integrate mobile strategies into their financial plans.

Marketing on the go
Since nearly everyone is sitting mere inches away from a smartphone, it might be borderline irresponsible for a small business to not use that to its benefit. 

Multiple marketing tactics are available on gadgets, which makes advertising and attracting new customers, as well as boosting current public relations, much easier than it has been in the past.

Moreover, a small business' website should be designed for easy access on a phone or tablet, according to Forbes. Buying on a mobile device should be one click away for consumers, and a site also could provide information for prospective clients.

In addition, texting updates, news releases and sales are all easy ways for a company to use mobile technology properly, Forbes noted. Doing this could help an entrepreneur reach more people, and increase brand awareness.

Overall, any small business that isn't interested in fitting mobile marketing into a financial plan might be missing out on a premier opportunity to expand.

Positives of mobile banking
While more customers are using mobile devices to buy goods, small businesses should focus on integrating strong mobile banking into the company. 

The best reasons to get into this type of banking are easy access and good security. A number of smartphone applications are offered by most financial services, according to Bankrate.

Similar to how mobile marketing benefits the consumer, mobile banking offers an opportunity to be productive on the go. Both strategies could offer significant improvements for a company. 

"The biggest benefit is that you have more control of your money," James Van Dyke, president of Javelin Strategy & Research, told the news source. "You don't have Internet connections everywhere you go. But you do have a mobile connection."

Mobile banking excels by letting entrepreneurs be more flexible. Financial time constraints have less of an effect, and a small business owner could be doing more and meeting new people. Checking balances, paying bills and managing finances could all happen while out of the office, Bankrate noted.