A business is only as good as its staff. If workers are always quitting, how can the company hold its own with clients? Losing staff members can be just as detrimental as losing customers. You’re going to face low productivity and damage to your business banking account. As a small business owner, you need to work on employee retention to ensure your key players remain part of the team. Before you even start hiring, you should set up plans to keep your workers happy.

1. Recruit right
If you don’t hire people who will fit in at your company, you’ll be recruiting again soon enough. You can’t hire someone based on their skill set. While their ability to do the job is important, they also need to mesh with the atmosphere and other employees, CIO explained. Before you look over applications and schedule interviews, decide what kind of personalities are needed at the company. What’s missing that could make your business better? Then when it comes time to meet with candidates, you’ll have a list of characteristics that you know will fit in.

When evaluating applicants, rate their personal skills as well as their technical ones.When evaluating applicants, rate their personal skills as well as their technical ones.

2. Offer flexibility
Sitting in an office from 9 to 5 can be monotonous. Everyone needs a change of scenery every now and then. Why not try a work from home program? This will let your employees determine where they are the most productive and give them the flexibility to move between locations, according to The Startup Magazine. They can also use the devices they want instead of the computers in the office. However, this shouldn’t be a free for all. Set ground rules and make sure your staff knows communication is essential to this benefit.

3. Get them involved
People aren’t going to be happy at your company if they’re just there to work. They need to form relationships, as well. Their co-workers can offer support and guidance when problems arise. However, employees won’t be able to interact with anyone if they aren’t given the opportunity, the source explained. Do you have a new project coming up? Let them offer their suggestions on the best way to go about it. What do they like to do – sports, reading, eating? Put together a pick-up basketball game or organize a time to discuss books over snacks. When you get your workers involved in activities they love, they’ll be much happier at your company.

“Voice your appreciation for a job well done.”

4. Show your appreciation
Everyone likes to know that their hard work isn’t all for naught. They want to be recognized for a job well done, so make sure you voice your appreciation, NGNG Enterprises suggested. Don’t let someone fall by the wayside just because he or she is one of your best employees. Your top workers need just as much attention as the staff members who need a little more help. When all your employees know they’ll be commended for great work, they’ll be more likely to put in extra effort and enjoy being a part of your business.

5. Listen
You should have an open-door policy. Your employees shouldn’t be afraid to come to you with any problems they’re having. They need to know you’re there to listen and offer advice whenever they need help, CIO explained. Try implementing weekly meetings or office hours where they can come to you and discuss anything that’s on their minds. Let them share their opinions and suggestions with you to help you improve the work environment. Even outside of business-related topics, you should be willing to listen. Check in with your employees. How was their weekend? Are their families doing well? While you may not want to blur the line between boss and staff, you can still be friendly and welcoming.

If your employees aren’t happy at your company, they’re going to look for work elsewhere. The best way to keep them with you is to create a comfortable and open working environment to make them feel at ease.