June has finally arrived and warmer temperatures are becoming more consistent. Depending on your business, this means you may get more customers as college kids return home and outdoors events occur. Why not take advantage of what's going on in your community and appeal to everyone's happier moods with your products and services?

1. Offer discounts
People love good deals. If they don't have to pay full price for an item, they'll be more likely to purchase it. Your sales will be what increases traffic to your business, not necessarily your product or service. However, that doesn't mean you're going to lose money all summer because of your discounted prices. Deals bring people in, but they may also get consumers to purchase regularly priced items, Inc. explained. Monitor what discounts you offer customers and then determine which one gives you the best net profit. You may be able to keep that one going for the season.

2. Go outdoors
Communities that have plazas or retail-heavy main streets sometimes have outdoor sales during the warmer months. Businesses in the area move merchandise outside and get to enjoy the sunshine while they sell their products. These flea market-type events may be able to bring new business to your store, according agencyEA. It will at least give you the opportunity to interact with people who wouldn't normally step foot inside your company.

3. Take part in local events
Summer provides the perfect weather for towns and cities to hold outdoor events. It also gives you the chance to market your products and services. Concerts, festivals and movie nights usually allow you to set up booths in the area to sell to attendees, Inc. explained. While you'll most likely have to work fees into your financial plan, they'll be minimal and your profits should make up for them. You could offer free samples or coupons to be used at a later date. This will ensure that your product is getting noticed and drive people to your business in the future.

4. Partner up
Every business in the community will want to take advantage of the warm weather and happy customers, so why not form an alliance with another company in the area? Pick someone who shares a similar audience but doesn't directly compete with your business, agencyEA suggested. You'll both be able to offer deals to each of your companies, which means you'll increase traffic and bring in people who frequent one but not the other.

Summer is prime time for targeting new customers. The warm weather provides you with plenty of opportunities to sell in the community.