Approximately 90 percent of consumers around the world view videos online, according to Accenture. So why not take advantage of this? Video content is great for capturing your audience's attention while providing valuable information. However, if you don't go about it the right way, all your hard work will have been for naught. To ensure your videos get the desired amount of traffic and conversion rates, check out the tips below:

1. Keep them short and sweet
The average attention span today is eight seconds, which is four seconds shorter than it was at the start of the millennium, according to NBC News. That means that if you don't capture viewers attention at the beginning of your video, the rest isn't going to be watched. If you use a platform like YouTube, keep your videos no more than one to two minutes long and make sure you make the beginning interesting enough so consumers keep watching. Other channels, such as Instagram, Vine and Twitter allow you to create short videos that can provide information in a small amount of time, Forbes explained. Not only will this increase conversion rates, it will also be easier for consumers to share with their peers.

2. Include a call to action
Videos are great to watch, but if they don't include a call to action for your business, they're pointless to create. This medium only drives traffic to your company if you make clear in the video what they're supposed to do. Linking to your website or providing coupons and discounts will increase business and get your viewers to stick around until the end, according to the source.

3. Make them mobile friendly
Smartphones and tablets are becoming competition for laptops and TVs when it comes to watching video. They're especially useful for short videos and user-generated content. Mobile devices are used mainly for that type of media compared to TVs, which are primarily used for live programming, movies and TV series, Accenture reported. Making your videos available across multiple platforms will ensure that your content gets a wide variety of views.

4. Educate your consumers
While videos are used as a marketing tool, they shouldn't be strictly promoting your products. Use them to show viewers how to do something or to share consumer feedback, Forbes explained. By offering tutorials and information, you'll be able to define yourself as an industry expert, which will drive more traffic to your business. Consumers also tend to trust other buyers' reviews, so by providing user-generated content, you'll be displaying other people's appreciation for your company.

Video content is a great way to promote your business without having to rework your financial plan. By using what you have on hand, such as a smartphone, you'll be able to create beneficial marketing materials to show to your consumers. Use your skills and knowledge to increase interest in what your company has to offer to both new and returning customers.