All signs indicate that mobile commerce is a rising force that small business owners should pay close attention to in 2015. 

Research released this year by Goldman Sachs found that 2018 mobile commerce will be equivalent to all of e-commerce revenue in 2013. In a few years revenue from mobile commerce is expected to reach $626 billion, just short of the $638 billion in e-commerce business seen in 2013. With profits from mobile commerce expected to increase so significantly, it is important that small business owners begin paying attention to their presence on smart phone and tablet platforms. 

Mobile devices are becoming the popular place for consumers to check out products, and eventually purchase them. Because of this, if you feel like your business is lagging in the mobile sector, 2015 might be the time to start implementing strategies to increase your presence on people's devices. You'll need to devise plans to both effectively market your business to people and convert mobile visitors to customers. For more on how to enhance your small business's mobile presence, read the advice below:

1. Make sure your design is responsive
In order to convert mobile visitors into customers for your business, you'll have to make sure that your website is responsive, according to mCommerce. A website that can adapt to whichever device the shopper is using – tablet, smart phone, laptop, etc. – will be vital in 2015. If someone is browsing your business's website and it isn't adapting to the screen properly, that can get pretty annoying for the consumer. If this occurs, you could miss out on the sale. Apps development, just like web design, must focus on simplicity and ease of navigation in order to ensure that a potential customer doesn't go somewhere else due to frustration. 

2. Take advantage and connect
Mobile marketing has its advantages for businesses, one of them being the simplicity of connecting with customers, Entrepreneur noted. If you want to benefit from this easy connection though, then you are going to have to invest heavily into your mobile presence in order to ensure success. When you're confident in the responsiveness of your mobile platform, begin advertising sales and offering specials through the mobile site in order to take advantage of consumers' penchant for mobile browsing. In addition, make sure you list contact information for your brick-and-mortar location on your mobile site, to make it easy for individuals to contact your business. 

3. Divulge as much as possible
Another way to ensure that mobile shoppers complete the purchase is to include as much product information as possible on the mobile website, mCommerce explained. An unclear or insufficient description is one reason why some consumers prefer traditional shopping, since they have easy access to plenty of information at a physical location. Keep this in mind, and always include as much information about the product as you can to keep the customer from seeking it elsewhere. 

4. Make emails easy for mobile users
People frequently access their emails using their mobile devices, and if the emails you're sending don't look good on their screens, that places you at a disadvantage, according to the Small Business Development Center. The majority of people think that it is vital that emails be easy to understand on their mobile device – otherwise they will simply delete the illegible messages. Consider looking into email marketing providers that can assist you with this. 

If you're concerned about the funds necessary to enhance your mobile presence, consult a financial services expert for assistance. These tips should give your small business a powerful voice in the increasingly important mobile market.