Choosing the right name for your small business is about finding something that is easy to remember and simple to advertise.

Naming your small business properly is important – very, very important. It is vital for a company’s success, and should be able to last for years and years. As a small business owner, you shouldn’t overlook the naming process. Invest plenty of time and deep thought into the name, because this is the aspect of your company that will last as everything else changes. For advice on how to come up with the perfect name for your small business, read some of the tips below:

1. Come up with a name that customers won’t forget
This may come across as obvious, but you have to make sure that the name of your small business is difficult to forget, something called “stickiness,” Business Insider explained. It is important to find a name that stands out from the rest, that will stick in the mind of consumers for a long time. This can be tough because of ever-changing naming trends.

In order to find the best name, quantity is just as important as quality, The Name Inspector noted. Use suggestions from everyone involved in the small business to ensure that you have a diverse pool of options to choose from. Then sort through all of the recommended names and search for something that is relevant, fairly short, not generic and memorable. Remember that sorting through the suggestions and selecting the best one is just as important as coming up with the name in the first place.

2. Come up with a name that makes sense
Sometimes business owners come up with really weird names, such as Google or Yahoo, but this isn’t a guaranteed path to naming success, according to Business Insider. It’s a risky way to name your business. When naming your company, The Name Inspector suggested identifying exactly what your product provides for people, and starting the naming process from there.

However, if you do come up with an oddity of a name, make sure it doesn’t mean something obscene elsewhere in the world. The Name Inspector recommended consulting with experts before naming your small business. Speakers of foreign languages will be your best option for understanding the connotations your chosen name may have in another language.

3. Come up with a name that conjures a mental image
Good names typically bring to mind a picture, The Name Inspector explained. The image that comes up should help give consumers an idea of how your small business is poised to help them out. Ideas stick with people easier when they are associated with a visual, so try to take advantage of that when coming up with a name. Sometimes, it can even be helpful to start with the image and then work your way back to the word.

4. Come up with a name that brings to mind an idea
Just like the name of your company should conjure an image, it should also bring to mind an idea, according to The Name Inspector. And you don’t really need to consider etymology as much as the idea that the name brings about. The Name Inspector used the root word -lumin- in its explanation. While the word comes from the Latin term for light, this isn’t common knowledge. People associate -lumin- with light because of words like luminous. Keep this in mind when coming up with names.

Coming up with a good name for your small business is vital. Don’t bust your financial plans by hiring a naming expert, use the four tips above to come up with a name that is unique and memorable.