The best companies find ways to be at the front of their industries – creating new trends, innovating and producing top quality products and services. This is an extremely important goal for a firm of any size, from the largest corporation down to the smallest startup. That is why finding out how to become an industry leader can be beneficial to any financial plan.

On one hand, this may sound complicated. But, it is actually easier than it may seem, thanks to a number of simple and effective tips that exist. Most members of a company are ready to lead the charge, and all they need is a little push and some direction. 

With that in mind, here are three ways to take control of a small business, and start leading instead of following:

1. Communicate closely with clients
A company will not survive without clients and customers, which is why one of the first steps toward becoming an industry leader requires some in-depth communication with these people. According to Inc. magazine, too many firms are hands-off when it comes to this step, and that should change. 

"Our mission is to always be learning as much as we can about our client's business, and to work closely and collaboratively to reach the goals we set together," Brian Lovell, CEO of RED Interactive Agency, told the news source. "We try to push the limits strategically, creatively, and technically to achieve success."

2. Build a collaborative environment
While clients are important, so too is the culture and atmosphere within the company itself. Inc. magazine noted that the best people in the company have to work together, share ideas and always be willing to try something new. Doing so will have positive results for the financial plan and every aspect of the business. A collaborative environment will set the firm apart from its competitors, something that should help attract additional clients.

3. Become a trusted source
In addition to teamwork and a client relationship, small businesses should strive to become a trusted source of information. According to Forbes, this reputation will bring in more clients than ever before. In order to achieve this goal, it can help to have a good blog, great products and services and consistent delivery. This, combined with all the other positives, will help any company become an industry leader.