All year round, growing sales and increasing brand loyalty is a goal. However, for some small businesses, the summer can be the season when purchases start to slip. As a result, you may want to find some cost-effective ways to change that.

For many companies, the warmest months of the year equal fewer customer interactions, more employee vacations and a lazier atmosphere in the office. While this can be OK in small doses, your financial plan may struggle if this continues for three months or more on end. Thankfully, that doesn't have to be the case.

In fact, here are three effortless tips that could help you bolster sales this summer:

1. Update your marketing material
In some cases, a small business designs its marketing materials and then doesn't go back to update at a later time. According to small business forum Hauppauge Industrial Association, revamping this aspect of your company can be a great way to increase sales. For example, consider a website redesign, add promotions to your website or turn to a new medium altogether. Either way, a fresh approach can bring in new customers.

2. Address your employees
The summer can be a lazy time for sales and for employees. HIA recommended fixing the latter by offering training programs. Your staff members may not have learned new skills – or been briefed on industry trends – in some time, so the summer could be perfect for that task. Create a few training seminars, schedule a few meetings to cover skills or anything else that may feel relevant. This way, they'll be ready to handle anything at work.

3. Reach out to the community
As a small business, you are uniquely positioned to connect with the community. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, you should then hold events for the neighborhood. For instance, this could include a cookout, a fair or prize giveaway, like a free round of golf. All of these actions give back to the people who have helped make you successful, and it can go a long way to getting more customers through your door.

Most importantly, give your financial plan a look. During the summer, it may be wise to alter how you deal with your money, especially if sales could start to decline for a short while. That will help you be ready for anything that comes your way during the week.