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Economic Update for September with Sean McCreery

Our monthly economic update report from the First United Wealth Management department. Sean McCreery, Wealth Investment Officer, joins us to discuss the negatives and positives happening in the market.

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Online Dating Scams

Online dating scams are becoming more and more prevalent and can play with your emotions to target your wallet. Review the helpful infographic below from the ABA to see best practices to avoid this type of scam.

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PPP Loan Forgiveness Update with Jason Rush

Today we release a bit early this week to talk about PPP Loan Forgiveness. Jason Rush, Chief Operating Officer at First United Bank & Trust joins us today to talk about PPP Loan Forgiveness, and some of the common questions that are being asked.

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HR & Motivation Beyond Money

Today we talk once again with Amanda McKenzie (amckenzie@mybank.com) and Chuck Olsson (colsson@mybank.com) from the First United Human Resources department to discuss human resources and how business owners can motivate their staff beyond money. How can you find what best motivates your staff? What are some creative options? We discuss several options in this episode!

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