What Matters Most – Year End Planning with Kolby Abruzzino

In today’s episode of ‘What Matters Most’, we engage in a timely discussion on Year-End Planning with our guest, Kolby Abruzzino, a Certified Financial Planner and Wealth Advisor at First United’s wealth management department. Together, we explore the importance of strategic financial planning as the year comes to a close, with insights on everything from cash flow management to estate planning. Whether you’re concerned about upcoming lump-sum needs like vacations or repairs, or you’re thinking ahead to retirement distributions, this episode offers a comprehensive roadmap for wrapping up your financial year effectively. We also tackle the critical subjects of insurance coverage assessments and emergency funds to ensure you are well-prepared for whatever the future holds. Join us for this essential episode as we provide you the tools you need to not just navigate year-end planning, but to excel in it.