What Matters Most – Charitable Giving with Julia Hershman

In today’s episode of What Matters Most, presented by the trustworthy team at First United Bank & Trust, the focus is firmly on charitable giving. Charitable gifts extend beyond mere acts of kindness; they are intertwined with motivations, rewards, and multiple forms. With the expert guidance of Julia Hershman, we’ll demystify what makes a charitable gift and what fuels individuals to offer generously. Are you familiar with the distinctions between donating cash and assets like stocks or mutual funds? And the potential tax deductions that might come with them? Beyond the mechanics of giving, the episode also offers strategies to enhance the impact of your contributions. As Wealth Management commemorates its 60th year, Julia sheds light on this impressive legacy and her journey within the field. For those already active in philanthropy or those considering their first steps, this episode offers a treasure trove of insights.