At First United, we help customers enrich their lives and accomplish their dreams. Our jobs have a purpose.

First United strives to be the premier customer service-oriented community bank in our region. And we believe investing in a highly professional, dedicated staff is the key to achieving this goal. We value our employees while creating opportunities for personal development and growth within the company.

Photo of Jason Rush

Jason graduated from Frostburg in 1993 with a BS in Political Science. He has been with First United for 28 years and is currently the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

“Our mission is to enrich the lives of our employees.  Helping our associates develop their inner talents while challenging their abilities through the learning of new skills, fostering greater independent thinking as well as providing opportunities for growth allows the employee to be successful.  While this growth and continued development is great for the individual associate it is also key to the continued success of the Company as well as the economic health of the communities we are a part of.”

Jason Rush
SVP & Chief Operating Officer

“I have worked as an intern in the HR department, an internal auditor, and now a credit analyst. Each new department was not only accommodating to my needs but each new coworker went out of their way to help me grow as a professional. “

Brianna Olinger
Credit Analyst

Photo of Brianna Olinger

Brianna graduated from Frostburg in 2019 with a BS in Accounting and Earned her MBA in Data Analytics in 2020.

First United Bank & Trust offers full and part-time positions with flexible hours. Our benefits include:

  • Performance-based pay
  • 401(k)
  • Paid time off
  • Loan discounts
  • Insurances (health, dental, vision, life, plus others)
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Wellness program

One of the most important roles in serving our customers is the Relationship Advisor. This isn’t your traditional banking job. We are always on the lookout for talented, passionate individuals who value personal communication with our customers and help them through big decisions such as buying a house or a car.

“Working for First United Bank is a great transition from being a student-athlete to an everyday workforce employee. First United has all of the characteristics of a great sports team, First United has great leaders, their goal oriented, and most importantly no one individual employee is valued over another. The transition from being a student-athlete to the job-force is certainly not easy, but First United provides all of the tools necessary for individuals to maximize their potential.”

Matt McCullough

Lending Relationship Associate at First United, Matt graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Social Science and a Minor in Coaching in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program, as well as the Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Frostburg State University.

Blake graduated from Frostburg in 2010 with a BS in Business Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship and earned his MBA in 2013. Blake also played as a member of the Frostburg Basketball team from 2007-2010.

“I like the banking world because, not only do I learn about one business, and I don’t just learn about the banking business. I learn about the businesses of my clients; I’m learning about them as people. It’s much more along the lines of what I went to school for and what I was doing with my master’s program.”

Blake Walker
Director of Commercial Lending

“First United Bank & Trust provides the opportunity for employees to be involved in surrounding communities in many ways.  One of the things that I have been additament about since I was a student at FSU, has been to provide leadership and assistance to my community. The bank allows me to volunteer with organizations during work hours when needed. This flexibility allows me to be the FSU Alumni Association President, as well as serve as a member of the FSU Foundation Board. First United encourages all employees to get involved with community organizations they are passionate about.”

Jason VanSickle
Director of Automated Lending

Photo of Brianna Olinger

Jason graduated from Frostburg in 1998 with a BS in Sociology and  is currently serving as the President of the Alumni Association, member of the Foundation Board and School of Business Advisory Board.

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The position of Relationship Advisor plays a vital role in the transformation of retail banking from a service & sales model to a client advisor delivery model.  The Relationship Advisor’s primary responsibility is to establish rapport with new and existing customers, building high-trust relationships, where the discovery of client needs can be linked to product solutions.  The Relationship Advisor serves as an advisor, building client confidence where a commitment to accept a product solution is achieved.  The Relationship Advisor then maintains the relationship, serving their needs through the lifecycle of financial services opportunities.

 The following required attributes and knowledge, skills and abilities will define the successful Retail Relationship Advisor and will be used to market open positions and evaluate potential candidates during the recruiting process.


  • Outgoing and communicative
  • Influence others and persuasive
  • Curious and a learner
  • Confident and mature
  • Intelligent (intellectually and emotionally)
  • Passionate
  • Entrepreneurial

Frostburg State Graduates at First United

Joyce Flynn

VP, Information Security/Disaster Recovery Officer

FSU Graduate 1984

Mervin Yoder

VP, Commercial Relationship Manager

FSU Graduate 1990

Jason Rush

SVP, Chief Operating Officer

FSU Graduate 1993

Becky Graham

VP, Business Intelligence Manager

FSU Graduate 1995

Jon Hegeman

Business Intelligence Analyst

FSU Graduate 1996

Ryan Pheulpin

Community Relationship Manager

FSU Graduate 1999

Ashley Burleson

Info Technology Security Officer

FSU Graduate 2008

Katie King

Credit Analyst

FSU Graduate 2010

Dawn King

VP, Portfolio Risk Officer

FSU Graduate 2013

Whitney Glotfelty

Senior Relationship Advisor

FSU Graduate 2013

Chelsea Ray

Relationship Advisor

FSU Graduate 2017

Matthew Warnick

Relationship Advisor

FSU Graduate 2020

Chris Sisler

CFP, VP, Senior Wealth Advisor/Team Leader

FSU Graduate 1985

Beth Holland

Info Technology Help Desk Supervisor

FSU Graduate 1993

Scott Hostetler

VP, Director of Mortgage Solutions

FSU Graduate 1993

Dawn Lewis

VP, Audit Manager

FSU Graduate 1996

Jason VanSickle

VP, Director of Automated Lending

FSU Graduate 1998

Matt Growden

VP, Chief Information Officer

FSU Graduate 2001

Blake Walker

Director of Commercial

FSU Graduate 2010

Kyla Webb

Relationship Advisor

FSU Graduate 2012

Megan Kinsinger

Wealth Portfolio Manager

FSU Graduate 2013

Julieanna Broadwater

Residential Loan Specialist

FSU Graduate 2016

Brianna Olinger

Credit Analyst

FSU Graduate 2019

Ryan Gallucci

Staff Accountant

FSU Graduate 2020

Photo of the Bank Bus at Frostburg

“The Relationship Advisor position is an entry into a world of possibilities. It is the first step to greater opportunities spanning from working as a commercial lender, mortgage originator or working in credit analysis.”

Carissa Rodeheaver, Chairman, CEO & President
First United Bank & Trust