Fortune. Fame. And a lot of fun.

Calling local students! You can win as much as $5,000 (and bragging rights) with Lights, Camera, Save!

First United Bank & Trust is bringing you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge about good money management by participating in the American Bankers Association Lights, Camera, Save! contest.

We’re looking for creative, innovative 90-second (or less) video concept to about saving and using money wisely!


  • The contest is free and open to all students ages 13-18 and begins on October 1, 2019.
  • Local and national prizes will be awarded, see Official Rules for complete details.
  • Complete the form below to submit your Contestant Entry Form and video link by December 3, 2019.

Take these Easy steps to complete your submission:


  1. Review the Contestant Submission Packet thoroughly to locate and complete the Contestant Entry Form. 
  2. Fill out the fields within this form, noting your preferred method for providing First United with your submission. 
  3. Wait to win! 

Prize Overview

Preliminary Round: One (1) local winner from Maryland and one (1) local winner from West Virginia will be selected by First United Bank & Trust in December of 2019 to receive a $500 cash prize and move on to the national competition!

National Round: The national competition will award three (3) winners in February of 2020, who will receive awards of $1,000, $2,500 or $5,000.  Schools of the top-three national winners will also win a scholarship to attend the 2019 Jump$tart National Educator Conference!

Banker’s Choice: During the ABA National Conference, in February 2020, conference attendees will select their favorite videos from the 4-6 highest scoring videos that make it to the National Round. The wining video will receive a prize value of up to $500.

Savers’ Choice: The 4-6 highest scoring videos that make it to the National Round will also be posted on the ABA Facebook page for public voting and a chance to win a prize with a value of up to $500!

Winning videos will be posted on YouTube and become part of the national campaign for a global audience!


Last Year’s First United Winners

Alyssa Henline – Best Overall / Winner
Frederick High School

Oluwabukola Oke – Best Animated
Frederick High School

Elliott Schilpp – Best Film Editing
Northern Garrett High School

Robert Bower  – Best Cinematography

Need more help?

If you have reviewed all of the contest information and you need more help, contact our contest coordinator Laura Helmich:

Laura Helmich

Laura Helmich

Business Development Officer & Student Loan Specialist

Certified Credit Counselor
Financial Literacy Coordinator

  • 30 years navigating the Education Loan process
  • Recipient of multiple service awards within the financial aid community

Office Phone:301-533-2333